Dream Architects

Public Trust Hall, Wellington

This concert is based on the idea of composers as ‘architects of dreams’ — creatively assembling blocks of virtual sound material to form structures.

The programme features two world premieres from New Zealand composers: Dream Compass by Chris Cree Brown, I write and chew and crack my bones and think about hospitality by Ihlara McIndoe.

Dream Compass attempts to navigate musical material in a similar way to a sleeper steering a dream; I write and chew and crack my bones and think about hospitality is a critique of the ‘social and bureaucratic microcosm in which our art germinates and manifests itself’. Also on the programme is the NZ premiere of Reuben Jelleyman’s Klein Fountain, nominated for the 2021 SOUNZ Contemporary Prize, an homage to Felix Klein who conceived of the Klein Bottle, and ‘imaginary object’ that represents a 4D topology. Klein Fountain evokes the imaginary flow of water through such a bottle in an inventive, sonically brilliant manner.

Rounding out the concert are sumptuous works by leading international composers Charlotte Bray and Anna Thorvaldsdottir, plus two tributes to Greek composer Iannis Xenakis, whose 100th anniversary we celebrate in 2022.


Barbara Paterson (soprano)

Hamish McKeich (conductor)


IANNIS XENAKIS (GR) — Rebonds A for solo percussion

CHRIS CREE BROWN (NZ) — Dream Compass for mixed ensemble (premiere)

IHLARA McINDOE (NZ) — I write and chew and crack my bones and think about hospitality for soprano and mixed ensemble (premiere)

REUBEN JELLEYMAN (NZ) — Klein Fountain for flute, violin, percussion and piano (NZ premiere)

GEMMA PEACOCKE (NZ) — New work for ensemble and soprano (premiere) 

ANNA THORVALSDOTTIR (ICE) — Spectra for ensemble (NZ premiere)

IANNIS XENAKIS (GR) — Dhipli Zyia for violin and cello

This concert supported by Creative New Zealand, Lilburn Trust, Stout Trust and the Wellington City Council.

Dream Architects


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