Our broadcast partner, The Centre for NZ Music (SOUNZ), has recorded numerous videos of Stroma’s concerts over the years. A selection of these videos can be found below

From the concert Nine Echoes (2015)

1. Sarah Ballard Meditation

2. Glen Downie The L[ilburn]indy Hop

3. Eve de Castro-Robinson No. 3

4. Dorothy Ker pulse-echoes

5. Stephen Clothier A Stable Reference

6. Salina Fisher Dream 6

7. Louise Webster Number 7

8. Michael Norris Mesophase

9. John Elmsly In October Light

From the concert The Mirror of Time 3 (2014)

Chris Watson sundry good

Rachel Watson Interiors II

From the concert Goddess and Storyteller (2013)

Dorothy Ker and 11

Gao Ping Shuo Shu Ren — The Storyteller

Iannis Xenakis La Déesse Athena

From our concert Stroma @ Marama Hall (2013)

Samuel Holloway Hard Science

Michael Norris Tre Canzoni Imperfette

From the concert Event Horizon (2013)

Steven Mackey Micro-concerto for percussion and ensemble

Alison Isadora Cornish Pasty

From the concert The Mirror of Time (2012)

Phil Brownlee Canzona per sonare: Degraded Echoes

From Timedance (2012)

Michael Norris/Daniel Belton Timedance

Michael Norris/Daniel Belton Timedance/Rondeau

Michael Norris/Daniel Belton Timedance/Doppio Movimento

Michael Norris/Daniel Belton Timedance/Sarabande

From Living Toys (2010)

Jeroen Speak Silk Dialogue (VI)

Alexandra Hay An Island Doesn't Either

From our concert Knitting Dust (2005)

Jeroen Speak Musik für witwen, jungfrauen und unschuldige

Full Concerts

Stroma Nine Echoes (full)

Stroma The Mirror of Time 3 (full)

Stroma The Mirror of Time 2 (full)

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