Cage Against The Machine

Toi Art, Level 4, Te Papa,


Featuring Jerome Kavanagh Poutama (taonga puoro), and a guest saxophone quartet.

This is no ordinary concert — you’ll ‘choose your own adventure’ by exploring the beautiful spaces of Toi Art at Te Papa (Levels 4 & 5) while Stroma plays multiple, simultaneous performances of ambient, spatial music throughout the evening.

Spread over 2½ hours, you can come and go as you please. Have a drink at the bar, then wander around the spaces to experience the sound events. Follow the schedule, or see where your ear takes you. If you position yourself right, you might even hear two or three pieces at the same time. If you miss a piece the first time, you can catch it again later in the evening.

Centred around the current exhibition from the Mataaho Collective, Stroma will be performing experimental works by renowned composers such as Pauline Oliveros, John Cage, James Tenney and Tom Johnson, as well as a selection of works by New Zealand composers. Low-level ambient sonic art by Wellington-based sonic artists will mingle with the acoustic sounds of Stroma, while prominent taonga puoro musician Jerome Kavanagh Poutama will respond musically to the artworks’ kaupapa.

Works included in the concert:

  • John Cage Four for string quartet
  • John Cage 4'33"
  • John Cage Solo for Voice 13, 26 & 49
  • John Cage Aria
  • John Cage Four5
  • John Cage Five
  • John Cage Typewriter Music
  • John Cage In a Landscape
  • John Cage Dream
  • John Cage Radio Music
  • Ruth Crawford Seeger III from String Quartet 1931
  • Eve de Castro-Robinson Whisper
  • Eve de Castro-Robinson Whorl
  • Julius Eastman Joy Boy
  • Simon Eastwood The Spindle of Necessity
  • Tom Johnson Rational Melodies I, III, IV, X
  • Alvin Lucier I am sitting in a room
  • Rachael Morgan Interiors II
  • Michael Norris Prolation Canon on an Ancient Hurrian Hymn
  • Pauline Oliveros 70 Chords for Terry
  • Pauline Oliveros From Unknown Silences
  • Pauline Oliveros A Fluting Moment
  • Frederic Rzewski To the Earth
  • Giacinto Scelsi Maknongan
  • James Tenney Beast
  • James Tenney In a large, reverberant space
  • James Tenney Saxony
  • James Tenney Critical Band
  • James Tenney Shimmer
  • James Tenney Cellogram
  • James Tenney August Harp
  • James Tenney Swell Piece for Alison Knowles
  • James Tenney On Never Having Written a Note for Percussion
  • La Monte Young Composition 1960 #7

This concert supported by Creative New Zealand, Lilburn Trust, Stout Trust and the Wellington City Council.

Cage Against The Machine


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