Event Horizon

Ilott Theatre, Wellington

A concert of scintillating percussion from Australia’s leading percussion virtuoso.

Australian percussion virtuoso Claire Edwardes joins Stroma, conducted by Hamish McKeich, in a concert of contrasting styles.

This concert features a ‘micro-concerto’ by American post-minimalist Steven Mackey. Clearly influenced by jazz sonorities and with reminiscences of favourite works by John Adams (that have appeared in previous Stroma concerts), the micro-concerto promises to be an excellent introduction to Claire’s skills.

Juxtaposed against this are works by New Zealand ex-patriates Alison Isadora and Jeroen Speak, and Australian composer Gerard Brophy. Rounding out the programme is an ear-shimmering version of Ligeti’s harpsichord classic Continuum, arranged for two marimbas.


Claire Edwardes (percussion), Hamish McKeich (conductor)


Steven MackeyMicro-concerto for percussion and ensemble

György LigetiContinuum (marimba duo version)

Gerard BrophyCoil

Jeroen SpeakMusik für Witwen, Jungfrauen und Unschuldige

Alison IsadoraCornish Pasty

Event Horizon