St Andrews on the Terrace


30 The Terrace
New Zealand


The present church building, built in 1923, is the second church on The Terrace site, and is registered as Category 1 on the New Zealand Historic Places Register. It is the only remaining church of the neo-baroque style in Wellington, a style that is rare internationally. The church building is a beautiful oasis of spirituality in the centre of the city. As a venue for musical performances and musical aspects of worship, St Andrew's is considered to have the best acoustics of any performance space of its type in Wellington. St Andrews considers that support of arts and public conversations about social and religious issues are core actions for our community.
Event image Date Title City State Category
Diabolical Birds Sat 2 August 2003, 8:00pm Wellington - Past concerts
Re:location Thu 10 June 2004, 8:00pm Wellington - Past concerts
Patahitanga | Convergence Sun 26 September 2004, 8:00pm Wellington - Past concerts
Bent Fri 17 June 2005, 8:00pm Wellington - Past concerts
Knitting Dust Fri 11 November 2005, 8:00pm Wellington - Past concerts
Icons of Our Time Sun 7 May 2006, 7:30pm Wellington - Past concerts
Sat 10 February 2007, 7:30pm Wellington - Past concerts
Gnarly Buttons Mon 7 May 2007, 7:30pm Wellington - Past concerts
Mechanica — Tribute to Ligeti Fri 2 November 2007, 6:30pm Wellington - Past concerts
Sequences Sat 1 May 2010, 7:30pm Wellington - Past concerts

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