TIMEDANCE (Chch performance)

Middleton Grange School, Christchurch

One of NZ’s leading choreographer/filmmakers, DANIEL BELTON, in collaboration with composer and Stroma’s own MICHAEL NORRIS, brings to life a major new work of dance film. Featuring live music provided by a small Stroma ensemble, TIMEDANCE is a meditation on history, memory, time and space. The music — a modern "filtration" of one of Bach’s best-loved Baroque dance suites for 2 violins, cello, piano and live electronics — shimmers with glistening energy and luminescence, while Belton’s mesmerising images flicker and flow.


Michael Norris & Daniel BeltonTIMEDANCE

Jan-Bas Bollen, Jac Grenfell & Daniel BeltonSoma Songs

TIMEDANCE (Chch performance)