Essential Experimental 2 (Performance 2)

Pyramid Club, Wellington

(This is the second of two repeat performances on the same evening — the first, at 7pm, is listed above)

Back by popular demand, Stroma explores the hip laneways of musical experimentalism. Composed theatre, musical bodies, comic strips, bandaging and a bit of Laura Branigan will star in this offbeat, set of works that you will be thinking about long after the show is over.


Barbara Paterson (soprano)

Elliot Vaughan & Marcus Jackson (performers)


Cathy Berberian Stripsody for for soprano

Yoko Ono Wrapping music for for ensemble and wrappers

Jessie Marino Rot Blau for for two performers

Alvin Lucier 'Clarinet' from Still and Moving Lines of Silence in Families of Hyperbolas for for clarinet and sound

James Tenney Having Never Written a Note for Percussion for for tam-tam

Julius Eastman Joy Boy for for four instruments

Elliot Vaughan Futures Past for for mixed ensemble

Essential Experimental 2 (Performance 2)


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