Idiosyncrophilia (Performance 2)

The Heyday Dome at Bats, Wellington

(This is the second of the performances of Idiosyncrophilia — the first, above, is at 5:30pm)

Welcome to the quirky, curious world of Neil Feather's invented instruments. Surrounded by a mesmerising soundscape composed by Rosie Langabeer, the instruments — with names such as 'The Wiggler', 'Nondo' and 'Magnapooters' — whizz, whirr and crunch under the spotlight. A triumph of handmade analogue technology, these deliciously idiosyncratic instruments are made from materials such as cigar boxes, hacked-up guitars and vibrators. Come experience Idiosyncrophilia — a 45-minute semi-improvised soundscape. Immerse yourself in sonic invention!


Neil Feather, Erika Grant & Dan Beban (invented instrument performers)


Rosie LangabeerIdiosyncrophilia: Suite for Invented Instruments

Idiosyncrophilia (Performance 2)


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